“Condition record” of underground pipelines

The Technological Center for New Developments in Trenchless Technologies presented a solution for the problem with the old pipelines in the country at the Third Annual Conference “Industry, Energy and Environment 2015”, organized by Srednogorie Industrial Cluster, which was held yesterday, 11th June in Sofia.

“The solution is the creation of the so called “Condition Record” of the underground pipelines,” explained eng. Christian Vladimirov, Commercial Director of Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD. “It includes mapping of a given pipeline route, visual inspection of its condition, precise detection of the problems, choice of the most suitable technology and period for its rehabilitation.” Eng. Vladimirov explained that the Technological Center offers an additional service – storing the whole information from the “Condition Record” of a given facility before, during and after the rehabilitation works. Thus, the customer can rely on professional help provided by the specialists of the Technologican Center at all times.

The Third Annual Conference “Industry, Energy and Environment 2015” provided the opportunity for discussion of the recent changes and solutions for the energy sector, presented the trends of development in environmental protection and sustainability and gave examples of various successful practices for the achivement of economic development and industrial progress in the country.

Download the presentation from here.