First steps in trenchless technologies

The Technological Center for New Developments in Trenchless Technologies presented modern methods for construction and rehabilitation of underground pipelines to students from Ivan Hadzhienov Vocational School. For the students from the Kazanlak technical school and their teachers that was the first contact with the trenchless technologies. The students who took part in the training were from 9th, 10th and 11th grade with specialties: “Building and Architecture”, “Mechatronics” and “CNC Machines”. They were introduced to the trenchless technologies Cured-in-place Pipe and Horizontal Directional Drilling and witnessed the operation of a CCTV camera for pipeline inspection and the remote-controlled robot cutting openings into a pipe. For three of them that was a preparation for an organized visit to a specialized technical exhibition abroad. The students Emiliya Arsova from 11th grade, Hristo Uzunchev from 9th grade and Yordan Stoyanov from 9th grade were chosen by competition by Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD to visit the exhibitions Wasser, No-Dig in March this year, accompanied by Daniel Iliev, who conducts the “Young Designer” club for the school.

That was the first visit of the students to a specialized technical exhibition. They defined their participation in the international event as a useful experience, because they had the opporunity to see the latest machines, equipment and materials and to talk to leading specialists in the sector from all over the world.

In her address to the visitors of the event, Minister Pavlova underlined that the new achievements exhibited at that prestigious forum could assist us in optimizing the processes, decreasing the costs and increasing the quality of the investment in the water sector, as well as combining the economic efficiency with the environmental protection when using the so called trenchless technologies.